Why Should You Look After Your Sprinkler System?

Why Should You Look After Your Sprinkler System?

Why Should You Look After Your Sprinkler System?

Why Should You Look After Your Sprinkler System?

Fire sprinkler systems save lives - that is a fact and according to the UK fire service fire sprinklers can reduce injuries because of fire by up to 80% and property damage by 90%.


For fire sprinkler systems to work effectively they need to be looked after and well maintained. If they aren’t then there is a risk that they won’t work when required which could lead to potential disasters.


Problems with fire sprinkler systems if not property maintained:


  • Water pipes can become blocked
  • Water pipes becoming corroded
  • Sprinkler heads becoming blocked
  • Corrosion in the flow alarm switches


When and how often should I have my sprinkler system maintained?


There are legal requirements when it comes to maintaining a fire sprinkler system. Under the guidance of the British Standard for Automatic Sprinkler Systems (BS EN 12845), fire sprinklers should be serviced by a qualified and certified third-party provider every 12 months as a minimum.


However, if you have made any major changes to the layout of your premises then a risk assessment will need to be done to ensure that the new layout is fully covered by the sprinkler system.


Your responsibility


As a property owner or landlord, it is your responsibility to make sure that the fire sprinkler system is serviced and maintained on a regular basis.


If you suspect at any point that there might be a problem with any part of the system, then you should contact a professional fire protection company immediately.


We can help you


At Red Rose Fire Protection, we can assist you with servicing and maintaining your fire sprinkler system so that it complies with all legal requirements.


We use our expert knowledge, training, and scientific principles to understand how the spread of fire can impact your business and advise you on creating the relevant fire procedures that will keep everyone safe.


For more information about fire protection and how we can help protect you, your employees and business from the outbreak of fire get in touch with one of the professional team here.