Why should I get an iCO Water Mist System?

Why should I get an iCO Water Mist System?

Why should I get an iCO Water Mist System?

Why should I get an iCO Water Mist System?

Caring for your home is essential, and when it comes to fire protection, no expense may seem too much. But with many homes fitted with systems that don’t provide an adequate or appropriate level of care, choosing a quality alternative can bring a range of benefits. So, what exactly is an iCO Mist System and why should you consider picking one up for your home?

What is an iCO Mist System?

iCO systems are designed to be easy to install, simple to maintain, and inexpensive to run – providing the right amount of water when it is truly needed most. Designed to fit into any property, iCO uses the latest digital technologies and innovative design to become an essential part of protecting your home. With many homes enjoying systems that are not designed for domestic use, users can only discover the down sides when it’s too late. Difficult to install, expensive to maintain, and costly to run – choosing a conventional system can end up hindering more than it helps. This makes choosing a mist system the perfect pick for a home in need of a little extra care. And makes sure your money goes as far as possible without sacrificing safety.

What are the benefits?

Unobtrusive: Each iCO unit is designed to provide uncompromising protection but still have a minimal impact on your home. Each unit nozzle sits 3mm below your ceiling, ensuring full dispersal without ruining the layout of your space. The system can also be wall or floor mounted to provide the unique coverage your property requires.

Reliable: Each unit’s enclosure is made from steel with a pump that self-tests on a monthly basis, in addition to any manual checks you may undertake. The solenoid and pressure-relief free design also allows for easy maintenance and sidesteps problems commonly encountered with other systems.

High Standard Safety: Each iCO system used a small bore hose to guarantee a quick, no-fuss installation. The system also comes with iCO digital monitoring that provides real-time alerts and updates to your chosen smart device via SMS or phone calls.

Cost Effective: Each unit uses up to 80% less water than conventional systems while still being able to get the job done and remain fully BS 8458 (2015) compliant. The system is also IP53 rated, providing protection against dust and water.

What next?

If you want to learn more about finding the right iCO system for your space, our team at Red Rose Fire Protection Ltd. are here to help. With years of experience, we understand the importance of working with our clients to ensure that you get the system you need at a price-point that works for you. Or if you need additional support, you can view our full range of products and services from here. And if you have specific questions and queries about your installation, please do not hesitate to get in touch directly and let our team know exactly what you need to get the right level of protection for your home.