Who is Responsible for Fire Safety in The Workplace?

Who is Responsible for Fire Safety in The Workplace?

Who is Responsible for Fire Safety in The Workplace?

Who is Responsible for Fire Safety in The Workplace?

Every business should have a strict procedure in place for fire safety in the workplace. These safety measures are designed to keep both employees and customers safe in the event of a fire.


However, it is not always clear as to who is responsible for putting these procedures in place and maintaining them. To help you have a better understanding we break down some of the more important fire safety measures and whose job it is to ensure that they are met.


What’s your responsibility as an employer?


All employers must create a fire preparedness plan that covers what you will do to prevent a fire but also what the procedure is in the event of an outbreak of fire. This should include a detailed plan of the building highlighting all emergency fire exits, fire doors and other escape routes. It should also include where the fire meeting points are outside the building and who the fire marshals are.


Employers must educate employees


As well as creating a fire preparedness plan it is important that each employee is educated about the plan and procedures involved. The plan will need to be reviewed regularly and developed where needed if it changes, this is vital if an employee is given any kind of responsibility relating to the emergency action plan.


Employers must provide and maintain proper fire prevention and protection equipment


As an employer and building owner, you need to find out which fire protection and prevention equipment you are required to provide and maintain. This will include such fire protection equipment as fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems and emergency lighting. The fire preparedness plan should make mention of all equipment having regular tests and checks to make sure it is in perfect working order.


Training of fire safety equipment


All employees need to have the relevant training on how to use the fire protection equipment safely. For example, which fire extinguisher is to be used for which type of fire i.e. electrical, etc as well as the do’s and don’ts of using them, employees need to feel confident that if required they can use the fire protection equipment safely.


Pay attention to safety procedures


Your employees are required to practise proper safety procedures laid out in the company’s fire preparedness plan. This simply means that they need to take an initiative to participate in training and carefully read and understand the company’s fire plan preparedness plan.


If you have any questions about the installation of a commercial fire sprinkler system for your business or would like any help with how to set up a fire preparedness plan you can get in touch with one of the Red Rose Fire Protection team here or call us directly on 01772 822133