What is Fire Protection Engineering?

What is Fire Protection Engineering?

What is Fire Protection Engineering?

What is Fire Protection Engineering?

Fire protection for your business, employees and customers is one of the most important investments you can make. At Red Rose Fire Protection, we want to ensure that all our clients receive the best fire safety advice and they look to us to help them adhere to recognised standards and guidelines.


Fire protection engineering applies chemistry, physics, and engineering principles from mechanical to electrical, chemical, and civil engineering. Fire protection engineers have expert knowledge of fire dynamics concerned with the protection of life, property, and the environment.


What do fire protection engineers do?


Fire protection engineers help assist with the building design, ensuring that the structure and those inside are safe from the risk of fire and that any potential dangers are highlighted during the building process. As well as that they will also:

  • Study how fires originate and spread
  • Design and test systems that detect, and suppress fires
  • Conduct post-fire investigation
  • Develop new technologies to test materials and fire protection systems
  • Research the flammability of various materials
  • Design systems that alert people to danger of fires


Most importantly fire protection engineers understand the characteristics and dynamics of fire and have a detailed understanding of how fires originate and spread through different structures. They will also study how fires can be detected, controlled and extinguished which will help prevent damage, injuries and in more serious cases, loss of life.


As well as that they will work closely with engineers, architects, and fire departments to create a safe environment for the community in order to help reduce the risk of fire.


How can fire protection engineers help you?


Fire protection engineers can help and advise you on fire safety engineering solutions for your business, whether it is an existing premise or a new commercial development. They will use the above methods to ensure a high level of safety that will help with the prevention of fires. 


At Red Rose Fire Protection, we can assist you with various tasks associated with fire prevention such as fire safety audits and fire risk assessments. We use our expert knowledge, training, and scientific principles to understand how the spread of fire can impact your business and advise you on creating the relevant fire procedures that will keep everyone safe.


For more information about fire protection and how we can help protect you, your employees and business from the outbreak of fire get in touch with one of the professional team here.