What is a Deluge Fire System?

What is a Deluge Fire System?

What is a Deluge Fire System?

What is a Deluge Fire System?

Fire sprinkler systems are a crucial part of protecting your business against fire. There are various systems that are used by different business environments including wet and dry sprinklers systems and foam water systems. In this article, we look at a deluge fire sprinkler system.


The deluge fire protection system is directly connected to a water supply and uses unpressurized dry piping and open sprinkler heads. When heat or smoke is detected the deluge valve is opened which releases the water and extinguishes the fire.


Where is it used?


Deluge fire sprinkler systems are used in hazardous areas such as chemical or power plants or airports where hazardous materials are stored or kept.


They are most effective as when activated the sprinkler heads simultaneously open flooding the fire before it has had time to get out of control.


What are the advantages?


There are many advantages of installing a deluge sprinkler system particularly when compared with a traditional sprinkler system which has pipes filled with water and the sprinkler heads are closed.


As a deluge system is dry which means no water is stored in the pipes and there is no risk of the pipes freezing when exposed to cold temperatures, unlike a traditional sprinkler system.


A deluge sprinkler system is fast-acting and as soon as heat or smoke is detected all the sprinkler heads open and the fire is extinguished and controlled.


With a regular sprinkler system, each head is activated individually which puts it at a disadvantage in hazardous situations.


While there are plenty of advantages with a deluge sprinkler system it is worth noting that all the heads are open and connected.


The risk here is that water will pour out of every single fire sprinkler connected to that system. While this is what the system is meant to do, it can also be a disadvantage.


Is it easy to install?


Before having a deluge, sprinkler system installed on your premises you should contact a fire protection specialist who can come out and make sure that it will be compatible with your facility.


You will need to comply with all building codes and regulations, and it will require ongoing maintenance after it has been installed, which means having regular inspections and services.


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