What Are The Main Causes of a Fire?

What Are The Main Causes of a Fire?

What Are The Main Causes of a Fire?

What Are The Main Causes of a Fire?

A fire in the workplace is a scary and devastating experience, not only is there a significant risk of injury and potential loss of life but the damage caused has massive repercussions. There are many common causes of a fire in the workplace and we look at a few as well as how they can be prevented.


Faulty electrics


Most fires in the workplace are caused by faulty equipment. Incorrectly wired electrics and overloaded power sockets can easily start a fire with the heat that is generated by the equipment.


Any electrical work that is carried out on-site should be by a qualified electrician, everything that has an electrical output needs to be PAT tested and up to date. Any broken equipment that cannot be repaired safely should be disposed of so it’s not a risk.




During the winter heaters are another common cause of fire, if they are placed too close to combustible materials such as paper and cardboard then a fire can break out within seconds.


Make sure all waste and combustible materials are disposed of and recycled correctly, this includes overflowing bins. The spilling of liquids onto electrical items is another cause so make sure your staff are professionally trained and aware of the risks and dangers.




It goes without saying that smoking in the workplace is prohibited unless it is in a designated area that is outside and away from the premises.


Even so, you need to make sure that all cigarette butts are extinguished correctly. If not, then it is not uncommon for a gust of wind to take a burning cigarette into harm’s way.


Flammable liquids


If you store flammable liquids such as glues and solvents on site then it is critical that they are stored securely, this also includes hazardous materials.


Flammable liquids can impact the severity of a fire and it can cause harm and damage on an environmental level as well as humans.




Arson is another common cause of fire so if you have any combustible or flammable materials on site then make sure these are either stored or disposed of. Also, make sure that you have relevant security and CCTV installed should anything happen.


These are just a few reasons as to the causes of fire, but you should be vigilant and ensure that all your staff are fully trained in safety procedures including the use of fire extinguishers - and make sure that all emergency exits are kept clear, and fire drills are done at least once a month.


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