The Importance Of Fire Safety In The Workplace.

The Importance Of Fire Safety In The Workplace.

The Importance Of Fire Safety In The Workplace.

The Importance Of Fire Safety In The Workplace.

Having a Fire Safety measure in place in any workplace is vitally important, not only for you, but also for any employees and property that you own. As a business owner you are responsible for making sure that the workplace is up to date with all the required health and safety standards. 

If you do not follow the workplace Health and Safety requirements, then there is a very high chance that you could be fined a hefty sum of money or even face prison. 

Even with fire safety measures in place there are a plethora of precautions you can use that will prevent fires from breaking out in the first place. 

Keep All Areas Tidy

Keeping an office tidy is not only a good way of keeping a workplace practical but also reduces the substantial risk of an untidy workplace being the cause of a fire. Covering an area with cardboard boxes, paper or other waste can have a devastating impact. Keeping waste and recycling away from electrical appliances and sockets reduces the risk should the set alight.


According to the government's advice on smacking at work “Smoking isn't allowed in any enclosed workplace, public building or on public transport in the UK” as an employer it is reasonable but also not a requirement to supply your employees with a designated smoking area. Having an area that is far away from the building is a sensible way of directing the risk away from your workplace, the risk in this instance is the ash and heat that is created from smoking cigarettes. 

Overloading extension cords

This is a BIG NO. it is never smart to overload extension cords even if they are ant surge, electrical fires can be some of the most dangerous fires that can possibly happen in a workplace due to the large area that can be affected and covered. Make certain you have adequate amounts of sockets available and never plug and extension into an extension. 

In Short

Considering the above is a really good start to protecting your livelihood you cannot guarantee a fire will not break out even with all the precautions in place. That is why we will install commercial sprinkler systems in your workplace to ensure maximum protection. 

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