The Best Things About an iCO Mist Fire System

The Best Things About an iCO Mist Fire System

The Best Things About an iCO Mist Fire System

The Best Things About an iCO Mist Fire System

Water mist systems are another form of fire protection which are becoming popular with residential and commercial properties.


They provide a cost-effective and convenient way to tackle a fire, in this article we look at the best things about an iCO water mist fire system.


What is it?


iCO systems are easy to install, unobtrusive and simple to maintain, best of all they provide the right amount of water to combat a fire which means that your property will have limited water damage.


They can be installed on any property and will be an essential part of protecting your home or business from an outbreak of fire.




One of the main benefits of an iCO system is the simplicity of the installation. The system connects directly to the mainline water supply and is adaptable to the area thanks to the flexible piping and push fit-fittings.


The beauty of the setup is that it sits just 3mm below the ceiling making them almost unnoticeable and completely unobtrusive.


Uses less water


Another great thing about a high-pressure water mist system is that it minimises the amount of water used, unlike traditional fire sprinkler systems.


This is particularly good for residential properties where the storage of large amounts of water is not possible. With an iCO system, the home is secured from fire using limited water distribution.


Modern technology


What sets this system apart from the more traditional fire sprinkler systems is that digital monitoring can provide real-time updates and alerts straight to a chosen tablet or mobile device.


With wi-fi connectivity, the app will monitor the unit in real-time and can help detect faults and activations that are vital to fire prevention.


Limited damage


Finally, there is the water damage that comes with extinguishing a fire, with an iCO water mist fire system the damage to your property and living space is limited because it uses a fine mist rather than water, which greatly reduces the amount of damage.


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