The Benefits of an ICO Water Mist System

The Benefits of an ICO Water Mist System

The Benefits of an ICO Water Mist System

The Benefits of an ICO Water Mist System

ICO water mist systems are the next generation of fire sprinklers that offer a simple and effective way of extinguishing fires. The systems are perfect for residential homes and in this article, we look at five benefits of an ICO water mist system.

1. Covers more space

It’s important that any fire sprinkler system covers the maximum area within the home and an iCO water mist system will do just that.

The nozzles of the system are designed to release a fine mist which is more effective and will cover a much wider area than a conventional fire sprinkler. It is still capable of extinguishing fires involving fuels and other flammable liquids.

2. Uses less water

An iCO water mist system will also use less water than traditional water sprinkler systems and this is a big benefit. Most residential homes have limited water storage supplies, and the iCO water mist system doesn’t need to rely heavily on large amounts of water distribution to extinguish a fire.

3. Minimal damage

Because the system uses less water because of the mist, this will help reduce the possibility of damaging your home and possessions, particularly in high risk areas such as the kitchen.

4. Cost effective

Fire sprinkler systems are not cheap and many of today’s products are not suitable for residential homes. This is where you can benefit from an iCO water mist system as they are a more affordable option and as we discuss below, are easy to install which will help save on labour costs.

5. Simple installation

When it comes to installing the system, the compact pump is connected directly to the main water supply and uses flexible piping and push fittings.

The nozzles usually sit just 3 mm below the ceiling which make them virtually unnoticeable and unobtrusive while at the same time offering you total protection against the potential risk of fire.

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