Office Fire Safety

Office Fire Safety

Office Fire Safety

Office Fire Safety

With all living restrictions in the UK no longer being legally binding, the proposed “work from home” scheme that was concocted no longer necessarily applies. This means your staff are now back in the office and are hitting their targets like usual. This is the perfect opportunity for small mistakes to happen; this complacency from not being in the office poses risks to fire safety and the health and safety of your work environment.

Common fire hazards in the workplace

In the office environment there are three certainties: Emails, Tea Rounds and Fire Drills. The last one is a fantastic way to minimize fire risks and ensure a quick evacuation if a fire ever breaks out.

Plug Sockets & Extension Cables

Overloaded Sockets and extension cables draw to much power which causes overheating, this can very quickly lead to fires

Faulty Wires

Faulty wires (exposed) are an obvious risk, especially when they can cause shocks, skin burns and sparks that can ignite nearby items/furniture.

Human Fault

These are risks that are seldom caused by a freak accident. This could be burnt toast, paper on top of heater or even something as simple as spilt drinks over electricals.


We all know that a person who works in a managed mess of paper and momentos, as organized (or rather unorganized) as it may appear, is actually a huge risk as it traps dust and other small particles that are great fuels for office fires.


Using the building's heating is a much safer way of approaching the working conditions during the winter months, rather than relying on personal heaters. This is because these heaters are known to overload electrical circuits as they are often left unattended. 

Risk Assessments

Carrying out risk assessments are the safest and easiest way to maintain the stability of the office space. It is important to remember that not only will it damage property that the business owns but it can cause damage to personal property and if serious enough even pose a huge threat to life. 

In Conclusion 

We hope that your fire safety equipment never needs to run the real test but ensuring that if the day ever comes round that they are needed it is always better to be safe than sorry in this situation.

Red Rose offers the very best fire sprinklers services in the UK. We are a dedicated team that take fire risks very seriously and will make sure the work we carry out is done to the highest possible standard that you deserve. Contact us today to enquire about any issues we talk about on our blogs or if you have any questions.