How Much Water Do Fire Sprinklers Use?

How Much Water Do Fire Sprinklers Use?

How Much Water Do Fire Sprinklers Use?

How Much Water Do Fire Sprinklers Use?

Fire sprinklers are a common method for fire prevention and protection. The misconception that a fire sprinkler will contribute to the damage of a home or business premise, as well as the fire, is not unusual.


There is a fear that a fire sprinkler will go off once a fire has been detected, and that it will produce a large amount of water to put the fire out. Below we look at these myths as well as how much water sprinklers use.




Fire sprinklers are designed in such a way that they operate separately depending on the room they are located in. When there is a fire the sprinkler closest is the one that goes off first.


The other sprinklers where the fire is yet to get to will not go off. In fact, only one sprinkler is needed to extinguish the fire meaning that the damage is limited with the other rooms not affected.




Fire sprinklers are amazingly effective as they act immediately as soon as a fire is detected. The amount of water they put out is minimal compared to the amount of water the fire brigade would use.


This means that there would be widespread damage as a result of a fire hose, whereas a fire sprinkler only uses the necessary water needed to put the fire out.




When it comes to fire sprinkler efficiency on average, they use about 15-25 gallons of water a minute. In comparison, fire extinguishers used by the emergency services use around 2, 935 gallons which is a considerable amount.


Domestic sprinklers are connected to the existing plumbing system which means that they will use significantly less water but are still capable of doing the job of putting out the fire.




Fire sprinklers are also environmentally friendly as they use less water which means less waste and limited damage to the soil and alkalinity levels.


They are known to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and they also use a clean agent fire suppression system which uses a gaseous agent to suppress a fire all aiding the sustainability of the environment.


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