How Does a Fire Sprinkler System Get Installed?

How Does a Fire Sprinkler System Get Installed?

How Does a Fire Sprinkler System Get Installed?

How Does a Fire Sprinkler System Get Installed?

Installing a fire sprinkler system is not as complicated as you might think and depending on the size of the home or business premises it could take a day to complete, although more time may be necessary.

To give you a little more insight into how a fire sprinkler system gets installed we’ve put together this guide.

Design and review

At the start before any pipe work is installed or water connected depending on the type of fire sprinkler system there will be a pre-installation meeting. This is so the installation company can review any plans or building blueprints as well as what materials are going to be used.

Delivery & inspection

With a fire sprinkler system all the materials must be checked to make sure they are in good working order and there are no defects or faults. This will save time and stop the need for having to replace anything or refit parts later.

Confirm the layout

Next the layout of the fire sprinkler system is completed which includes the various parts including sprinkler heads, control valves, check valves, main drain, hangers, pressure gauges, calculation plate, hangers, branch lines mains and others.

Installation & testing process

Once the layout has been confirmed the installation process and connection to the relevant water supply can begin after which there will be hydrostatic testing and final inspection to make sure everything adheres to the relevant guidelines and laws.

Minimum pressure for a fire sprinkler system?

Water pressure is important for fire sprinkler systems to work effectively and more often than not the pressure required will depend on the layout of the heads. Typically though the minimum water pressure needed is between 50 and 150 psi.

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