How Do I Know Which Fire Extinguisher I Need to Use?

How Do I Know Which Fire Extinguisher I Need to Use?

How Do I Know Which Fire Extinguisher I Need to Use?

How Do I Know Which Fire Extinguisher I Need to Use?

Every business should have a working fire extinguisher installed on site, however, there are few different types of fire extinguisher each identifiable by their colour. In this article we look at what each of those extinguishers are and which one you need to use.




Red fire extinguishers are probably the most common and are often used for Class A fires caused by flammable solids like paper and wood.




Cream fire extinguishers are used on Class B fires which are usually started by flammable liquids. Like their red counterparts they will also work on Class A fires as they’re water based.




Next up is the blue fire extinguisher and one which can be used on a variety of different fires. Blue extinguishers are dry power and are also called ABC fire extinguishers as they can tackle fires started by solids, liquids, and gases.


One important thing to note is that powder fire extinguishers shouldn’t be used in enclosed spaces as there is a risk the powder could be inhaled.




This colour of fire extinguisher is used on electrical fires, but they can be used to tackle Class B flammable liquid fires as well. As well as their distinctive colour they also have a horn-like nozzle.




Finally, there is the yellow fire extinguisher which you will find in the catering industry as they are designed to tackle Class F fires because of cooking oils and fats.


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