How Disruptive is the Installation of a Fire Sprinkler System?

How Disruptive is the Installation of a Fire Sprinkler System?

How Disruptive is the Installation of a Fire Sprinkler System?

How Disruptive is the Installation of a Fire Sprinkler System?

A fire sprinkler system is a simple and effective part of a domestic or commercial building's defence against fire. They are usually installed in ceilings and consist of a water supply which is triggered either by a rise in temperature or an alarm.

What are the different types?

There are a few different types of fire sprinkler systems and it's important to understand them before you decide which one is going to be right for you.

There are four main types: wet pipe, dry pipe, deluge, and pre-action systems each with their own unique ability to extinguish a fire. Wet pipe fire sprinkler systems are the most common type and can be found in residential buildings.

Water is stored under pressure in pipes and is usually activated when the room in question reaches a predetermined heat level.

Dry pipe systems use Nitrogen gas or pressurised air which is stored in the pipes and then released when there is an outbreak of fire.

Deluge systems are used in buildings where the risk of fire spreading quickly is high. The sprinkler nozzles on these systems are always open and are triggered by an alarm.

Lastly, there are pre-action sprinkler systems which are a combination of wet and dry pipe systems. The water is not stored in the pipes until a fire is detected.

Installation process

The biggest misconception is that the installation of a fire sprinkler system is a disruptive process, this is not the case.

While it is not a legal requirement for all businesses to have a fire sprinkler system installed, businesses spanning 20,000 square metres or more must install some form of fire sprinkler system.

A fire risk assessment must be completed if a business employs more than five people, or is open to the public. The results from this assessment may warrant the installation of a fire sprinkler system.

The installation process starts with a design based on the layout of the premises or building, everything is taken into consideration including the pipe work, the positioning of the sprinkler heads, the protection of the heads during installation as well as testing the system and alarms once the installation is complete.

At Red Rose we take great pride and care in ensuring that there is minimal disruption to your business as possible when we install your fire sprinkler system.

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