How a Foam Sprinkler System Works

How a Foam Sprinkler System Works

How a Foam Sprinkler System Works

How a Foam Sprinkler System Works

Having a fire sprinkler system installed is so important for health and safety and protecting your building against fire.

There are many different types of fire sprinkler systems and you need to pay close attention to which one will be suitable for your business.

The foam sprinkler is one system, and, in this article, we look at what it is as well as the pros and cons of having one installed.

How do they work?

The aim of a foam sprinkler system is to extinguish fires which can be caused by highly flammable solvents such as gas and alcohol because it suffocates the fire containing any combustible fumes and eliminates the possibility of the fire reigniting.

They work when the water and foam concentrate are mixed and they can be separated into four categories: wet and dry pipe systems, deluge systems and pre-action fire sprinkler systems.

They all work on the same principle for extinguishing the fire and all have a bladder tank which contains the foam.

When a fire is detected, the system is activated, and water will immediately pressurise the foam in the bladder tank. Once pressurized the foam moves to the foam proportioner which is then released into the pipes that combine the water.

Advantages & disadvantages

There are many advantages of installing a foam sprinkler system, one of which is that the foam is great for suffocating the fire quickly.

This type of sprinkler system is perfect if you store or keep any hazardous and flammable liquids or materials on site.

As you would expect the main disadvantage of a foam sprinkler system is the aftereffects. As well as the possibility of water damage you will have the foam to clean up.

But this should not detract from the importance of having one installed which can stop a fire spreading quickly throughout the building.

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