Five Reasons to Keep Your Home Safe with a Fire Sprinkler

Five Reasons to Keep Your Home Safe with a Fire Sprinkler

Five Reasons to Keep Your Home Safe with a Fire Sprinkler

Five Reasons to Keep Your Home Safe with a Fire Sprinkler

Ensuring the safety of your home and family is very important, most homes, especially new build designs will have smoke alarms fitted as standard. While smoke alarms are an effective detection method a fire sprinkler system can reduce the risk of death by around 80%. Below we outline five reasons to keep your home safe with a fire sprinkler.


1. Activate individually


Fire sprinkler heads will only activate over the area where the fire is. It is a misconception that all the fire sprinkler heads go off at the same time. Only the heads which are closest to the fire will activate to spray water on the fire. Never forget that there is no substitute for ensuring the safety of your home and family.


2. Activated by heat


As mentioned above smoke detectors will activate when smoke is detected, which in some cases is not a trigger for an emergency. It could simply be because of burnt food or an extinguished candle. A fire sprinkler is activated by heat when the room in question reaches a specific temperature. You do not need to worry about a fire sprinkler system being activated accidentally either.


3. Activate within 30-60 seconds


Another reason to install a fire sprinkler in your home is that the system is activated within 30-60 seconds of a fire being detected. This is much faster than it would take firefighters to arrive and help put the fire out. The fire sprinkler system helps to reduce the spread of a fire giving the emergency services time to get there. The longer it takes a fire to put out the more damage and risk to life there is.


4. Smaller in size


Residential fire sprinklers can be installed into the ceilings of many homes and are available in several designs and finishes. Sprinklers can also be concealed into ceiling plates or pendants making them more subtle. Remember also that you may find that with a fire sprinkler system installed, your insurance premiums may reduce which in the long term will save you money.


5. Less water damage


Fire sprinklers will cause minimal water damage when extinguishing a fire. Many people believe that their home will be covered in unwanted water, damaging their property and personal possessions. This is not the case and a fire sprinkler will only use enough water to help contain the fire or extinguish it altogether.


If you would like to learn more about residential fire sprinkler systems, you can email the Red Rose Fire Protection team at redrosefp@aol.com or call directly on 01772 822133.