Five Fire Safety Tips for The Home

Five Fire Safety Tips for The Home

Five Fire Safety Tips for The Home

Five Fire Safety Tips for The Home

In the UK, each year there are more than 37,000 household fires reported with over 200 deaths and a further 7,000 people injured. Given that our day to day lives are so busy fire safely is not an issue that we give much thought to.


While we might think it won’t happen to us there are a few things we can do to prevent a fire in the home. In this article, we look at five fire safety tips for the home.


1. Fit a smoke alarm


Having a working smoke alarm installed in your home is vital for fire prevention. It will act as an early warning sign and help get you and your family to safety quickly.


Ideally, you will want to cover as much of the house as possible so fitting smoke alarms in the downstairs hallway and upstairs landing is a good place to start.


It is also advisable to fit a heat alarm in the kitchen. Make sure that it is tested regularly, and the batteries are replaced when necessary.


2. Don’t overload plug sockets


One of the biggest causes of fire in the home is electrical. With the amount of technology and appliances, the average home uses there is always going to be a need for a plug socket.


Try to use one plug per socket where you can - if you overload the socket then there is a danger it can overheat and if the appliances are not wired correctly, they can be a real danger.


3. Watch out for candles


Candles and decorative lights are another cause for an outbreak of fire. When using candles make sure they are in a secure holder and that they are never left unattended for long periods of time.


It only takes a second or two for a candle to be accidentally knocked over and a fire to spread through the home in a matter of minutes - also make sure they are put out when going to bed.


4. Be careful when cooking


Many accidental fires in the home are caused as a result of cooking. When cooking with hot oils take special care that the heat you are using is controlled and that you don’t leave the pot unattended on the stove for long periods. Also, ensure that small children are not able to reach the gas hobs.


5. Be prepared


Finally, be prepared just in case there is a fire. Never try to tackle a fire yourself call 999 and get out of the house as quickly as possible and to a safe distance.


Don’t stop to get dressed or to collect valuables. Make sure that you have all your family members with you. You should also make sure that all passageways are clear in case there is a lot of smoke - and never go back inside.


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