Fire Safety Maintenance

Fire Safety Maintenance

Fire Safety Maintenance

Fire Safety Maintenance

The government has guidance that people can follow in order to follow on any and all non-domestic premises. These guidelines are intended to help enforcing authorities better understand the duties of their duties for the public to better understand the intent of specific aspects of the order.

This guidance tells us that businesses and commercial places have full responsibility to ensure they have in place emergency fire escapes and fire risk assessments in place. It is also their responsibility to make sure that the procedures in place are made aware of the employees that work in that particular place.

What Constitutes Fire Safety Equipment 

  • Sprinkler systems 
  • Fire blankets 
  • Fire extinguishers 
  • Emergency lighting 
  • Fire doors
  • Fire alarms 
  • Signage 
  • Safety torches 
  • Fire hose reels 

Whether or not your premises require all of these depends on the size of the workplace and also the number of people that work for you. But make certain whatever you do possess needs to be maintained.

What Constitutes Fire Equipment Maintenance 

Fire equipment maintenance is systematic checks on the equipment that you have in-house that is used as a preventative in the event that a fire breaks out. These checks can be:

  • Daily checks - a daily check of doors and exit routes to be sure that in the event of the fire the way out of the building is unblocked. 
  • A weekly check - of the fire alarms and sprinkler systems 
  • A monthly check - checking all exits, signage and visual inspection of extinguishers. 

These are in place not only to protect you but to protect every person in the building 

In conclusion 

We hope that your fire safety equipment never needs to run the real test but ensuring that if the day ever comes round that they are needed it is always better to be safe than sorry in this situation 

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