Does My Property Need a Fire Sprinkler System?

Does My Property Need a Fire Sprinkler System?

Does My Property Need a Fire Sprinkler System?

Does My Property Need a Fire Sprinkler System?

Fire sprinkler systems are important for the prevention of an outbreak of fire as well as keeping employees and customers safe when onsite. In this article we address why your property should install a fire sprinkler system.


How do they work?


Fire sprinkler systems are very effective and when activated by either smoke or heat will distribute water evenly over a designated area. Fire prevention technology has developed enough that the sprinklers can tackle a fire in one area while leaving the other areas untouched.


Every large scale business should be able to offer a high level of fire safety, there are rules and regulations to follow that will minimise the risk of injury and damage.


The other reason for installing a fire sprinkler on your property is to protect the contents such as the stock or any other valuables. Not only that but you should consider any adjoining buildings that might pose a risk to a fire.


Complying with fire regulations?


BS9251 is the British Standard covering fire sprinklers and by installing them it will comply with current regulations keeping you and everyone connected to your property safe.


Other reasons to install a fire sprinkler system are:


As well as the safety aspect of installing a fire sprinkler system on your property there are many other benefits including:


Financial losses


Your company investments such as any stock and inventory will be safe or at the very least if there is a fire the damage will be greatly reduced.


Property value


If your property has fire sprinklers already fitted then this is an attractive proposition to prospective buyers as they don’t have to front the cost to have a new system installed. You might also find that selling your property becomes far easier


Reduced Insurance Costs


Insurance premiums can be very high if you don’t have a fire sprinkler system installed - so that is certainly reason enough to get them fitted.


At Red Rose Fire Protection, we can assist you with various tasks associated with fire prevention such as fire safety audits and fire risk assessments.


We use our expert knowledge, training, and scientific principles to understand how the spread of fire can impact your business and advise you on creating the relevant fire procedures that will keep everyone safe.


For more information about fire protection and how we can help protect you, your employees and business from the outbreak of fire get in touch with one of the professional team here.