Do I Need a Fire Alarm if I Have a Fire Sprinkler System?

Do I Need a Fire Alarm if I Have a Fire Sprinkler System?

Do I Need a Fire Alarm if I Have a Fire Sprinkler System?

Do I Need a Fire Alarm if I Have a Fire Sprinkler System?

If you have fire sprinklers installed, you might wonder if there is a need for a fire alarm and vice versa if you have a fire alarm why would you need fire sprinklers? To be honest, both are crucial for fire prevention and in this article, we look at the reasons why you should have both.


Fire Sprinklers


Fire sprinklers are your first line of defence in fire prevention and the reason that they are so effective is that the sprinkler heads will only activate when there is a significant rise in heat.


They are designed in such a way that the sprinklers which are in the closest proximity to the fire will go off, meaning that the rest of the area is not fully damaged by water.


Insurance companies recognise the importance of fire sprinklers and if you have a large premise then by law you will need to have them installed.


A good way to check this is with a fire protection specialist who will come out and assess the location and square foot of the building - they will also be able to install the sprinklers for you.


Fire Alarms


Every property whether it is residential or commercial should have a fire alarm installed, as the role of the fire alarm is important for the early detection of a fire and the safe evacuation of the staff and the public.


Fire alarms will go off when smoke is detected from something that is burning in the room. The sound of a fire alarm is unmistakable which is part of their effectiveness, when the siren sounds it should give people more than enough time to vacate the building safely.


Fire alarms need to be checked regularly and maintained, fire alarm drills also need to be done each month to ensure that the alarms are in good working order.


Don’t have one without the other


All fires can be averted and having a fire alarm and fire sprinkler system installed means that you have a 100% guarantee of being alerted to a fire and that it can be extinguished or controlled until the emergency services arrive.


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