Constructing A Home? Extra Protection With Fire Sprinklers

Constructing A Home? Extra Protection With Fire Sprinklers

Constructing A Home? Extra Protection With Fire Sprinklers

Constructing A Home? Extra Protection With Fire Sprinklers

Despite the statistics of home sprinklers having a huge benefit in saving lives, it hasn't become something that is mandated in new-home construction. Just highly recommended, or installed at a later date. Although statistics show over the last decade that the amount of incidents related to fires has decreased gradually, we would see that these figures plummet and not plateau. 

There are still far too many casualties that require hospital treatment, and there are certainly far too many fatalities that could have been avoided by introducing residential fire safety measures such as residential sprinkler systems or water mist sprinkler-systems.

Prevention And Protection

Last year in 2020, there were 221 fire-related fatalities. 176 of these fatalities were in dwellings. In the same year there were 6,567 non-fatal casualties due to residential fires. 5,051 were in dwellings. These are scary statistics and the need for extra fire prevention and protection rather than just a smoke alarm. In 2011, Wales became the first country in the World to pass legislation that made it mandatory for sprinkler systems to be introduced in all newly-built homes; this is a huge step in the progression to ensure families and friends are kept safe.

Protection Of Assets 

Fires don't just have an effect on the person involved; it also affects people's property. Whether this is the damage to family photographs, belongings, replacing household items, or the cost of repairs on the actual home itself. Protecting yourself and your family from a fire is important, but so is protecting the very place where you live. Installing a sprinkler system works out to be an incredibly small percentage of the cost of replacing:

  • Furniture, such as coffee tables and sofas
  • Irreplaceable photographs
  • Smoke -damaged appliances
  • Burnt clothes
  • Medicine and food items

There are so many reasons to have a sprinkler system installed and no reasons to not have one installed. 

New build sprinkler systems

The easiest way to install a home sprinkler system is to install them during the construction process on a new-build home, but it is also possible to retrofit these systems in builds that are older. These systems are specifically designed for domestic use in mind; the pipes are concealed under the flooring with the sprinkler itself concealed neatly to blend in with decor so as to not affect your home aesthetics.

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