3 Simple Steps for Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

3 Simple Steps for Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

3 Simple Steps for Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

3 Simple Steps for Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

Why is maintaining a fire sprinkler so important?

Valuing the safety of your building and occupants is beyond important when it comes to protecting them from fire. Fires cause millions of pounds of property damage every year and most of them are easily preventable, so if you have something in place to avoid this costly and devastating phenomenon then it is crucial to make sure they are in full working condition.

We fully recommend that this inspection and maintenance is carried out by a fully licensed and professional fire protection service company. Ours for example.

Have them checked regularly by professionals.

  • Weekly inspections can be carried out to check for leaks and that the valve is open ready for water to come through

  • Monthly inspections can be carried out to check for signs of damage and attention to leaks that may of occurred 

  • Quarterly inspections are in place to make sure that the alarm devices and nameplates are up to date and to code.

  • Annual inspections must have licensed inspectors completing the inspections of the fire sprinkler systems, this increases the chance of leaks, broken valves and other defective components that may cause a risk to the sprinkler's purpose.  

Keep the sprinkler systems in good working order.

Ignoring the problems that face sprinkler systems is never a good idea. This not only puts you at risk it puts occupants and the property at risk. This means staying on top of necessary repairs and replacements, this is because each component ages at different rates and over time they will be at different states of disrepair. This means checking the gauges, sprinkler heads and valves. 

Making sure that the sprinkler system is clean is also crucial, removing all foreign contaminants such as dust and general grime is extremely useful as it makes certain that none of the sprinkler head is covered or blocked. 

To make sure the sprinkler system can reach the fire as fast as possible, it is very important to remove all objects underneath the sprinkler, it may not seem like a huge issue but the faster the water can reach the fire the quicker it can be stopped. 


Ensure that the sprinkler is monitored.

Keeping up to date with monitoring and calling technicians out to inspect them is very important, without adequate monitoring a main valve may be blocked rendering the sprinkler essentially useless.

Speak to the fire sprinkler experts!

For more information about fire protection and how we can help protect you, your employees and business from the outbreak of fire get in touch with someone from our professional team here.