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A major blaze can start from a tiny spark!

Smoke alarms can give good warning of a fire but they are only effective if there is someone there to hear them, plus a recent study shows that over 95% of children for instance will sleep through a smoke alarm.

The Fire Service respond extremely quickly to notifications of fires, but with traffic congestion, we cannot expect them to respond any quicker.

So, what is the most effective form of fire prevention?

Sprinkler systems - An effective sprinkler system can dampen the strongest of flames, using very little water.

There are various types of sprinkler system available depending on your premises, individual requirements and specific fire risks. The most commonly used sprinkler and suppression systems are:

- Wet pipe sprinkler system
- Dry sprinkler system
- Pre-Action sprinkler system
- Deluge sprinkler system
- Foam sprinkler system

The installation of a sprinkler system can greatly enhance your property’s fire safety and, in some cases, is a legal requirement which must be undertaken in order to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.